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My Favorite Web Designs Thus Far…

Christopher Muñoz
El Paso Living Visual Designer

26 March 2016

My time working on building these websites really made me better overall as a Designer.

This post of my journal is to showcase my favorite web designs that I have done thus far. These sites were done while I was a Designer at Ghostlight Creative. I was a part of an amazing team and all rights to their awesome ideas & I learned so much when I was there. Please check the work they do for the local community & internationally! I loved working on these web designs from brain storming to full production.

The Challenge…dun-dun-duuuun!!!

For most of these websites that I worked on they really needed a redesign and overhaul of pre-existing content. This meant bringing it up to “modern-day” web standards of not only it’s aesthetics but also its back-end development. Some of these sites were not updated in content nor were they user-friendly. Also, the inter-webs is constantly evolving and has so many avenues to be creative but I learned to have a philosophy of not reinventing the wheel, but enhancing it instead.

The Solution…wooooooo!!!

This is where working with a team was a great experience to collaborate and bring these websites back to life. Main goal was to create an up-to-date website that is user-friendly while sticking to their brand. Also, thinking about conversions and making sure the audience is able to access the information needed. I designed with the mind set of cross-browsing & mobile responsiveness but yet still leaving space for growth. As I designed websites more & more, I began to learn more about conversions and creating layouts that suited that purpose. Thats why I’m showcasing these websites that are not only good-looking but also catered to the purpose of each brand.

I, Christopher Muñoz, do not own copyright to the websites used in this case study. All rights to their respective owners and Ghostlight Creative LLC. who designed and host the mentioned websites. They are an amazing team and company I worked for and helped elevate my design skills. For more info, please view their great work by visiting their website, Ghostlight Creative.


Downtown El Paso
Downtown El Paso Website
Church On The Rock
Church On The Rock Website
Uprising St. Louis
Uprising St. Louis Website
Lil Beasts
Lil Beasts Website
Creative Kids
Creative Kids Website
Chalk The Block
Chalk The Block Website
El Paso’s Corn Maze
El Paso Corn Maze Website
El Paso Pro Musica
El Paso Pro Musica Website
Therapediatrics Website
The Fields
The Fields Website
Dynamic Design & Fabrication
Dynamic Design & Fabrication Website
Ventanas Corporate Center
Ventanas Corporate Center Website

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