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Marvel x DC Comic Book App Icons

Christopher Muñoz
El Paso Living Visual Designer

21 November 2016

I first learned to draw by admiring comic books. Now I just translate it to my passion of user interface design.

Ever since I could remember I was always into drawing. Thats how I started with a simple pencil & paper to get my artistic ideas out. I was never a true comic book enthusiast but I always aspired to be a comic book artist & tried to mimick my favorite characters. I was always fascinated by comic book heroes and how they were beautifully laid out in comics from ink to its grid style. I remember my mother buying me a How To Draw Comic Book Characters Book that taught me a lot in my drawing aspirations. So, this project brought back a lot of childhood memories from doodling in class and all the Drawing classes I took until graduating college. The only difference now is that I am combining it with my present profession and my love for user interface design.

Recently I started a series of designing comic book hero logos or significant features as app icons through my Instagram account. (You can follow me @cCrizzy88) I’ve had so much fun with it and I’m easily inspired by comic book history as well as the recent movie boom of our beloved heroes. Also, this kind of side project allows me to create different ways to bring more traffic to my own website.

My design process has pretty much been just having fun adjusting or recreating superhero icons as I see fit. Yes, its simply an app icon but I like to create a tone & scene for each superhero as they all have their own story to tell. I tend to think, “Hey, I can do that…” even though maybe I can’t at that moment but that’s how I learn & continually grow as a designer. In between my full-time job, these designs are quick & help keep my creative juices flowing. I’ll update periodically as I go through as many superheroes as I please.

I, Christopher Muñoz, do not own any of the trademarks used for this case study. All rights to the Marvel Entertainment LLC.The Walt Disney Company /  DC Comics / Warner Bros. Entertainment Group and their respective owners. All images are for presentational purposes only. I am just a long-time fan with a design ambition. For more information please visit the links above.


Captain America App Icon
Iron Man App Icon
Spider Man App Icon
Winter Soldier App Icon
Black Panther App Icon
Thor App Icon
Deadpool App Icon
Punisher App Icon
Daredevil App Icon
Batman App Icon
Superman App Icon
Wonder Woman App Icon
Aquaman App Icon
Flash App Icon
Green Lantern App Icon
Joker App Icon
Nightwing App Icon
Captain Marvel App Icon
X-Men App Icon
Suicide Squad App Icon
Fantastic Four App Icon
Avengers App Icon
Guardians of the Galaxy App Icon
Justice League App Icon
Wolverine App Icon
Gambit App Icon
Cyclops App Icon

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