City Edition

UTEP has always had a rich combination of historic & cultural values, from athletics to its beloved city.

The scope of the project was to work with the Marketing team to come up with a solution for upcoming “El Paso Night” for UTEP Men’s Basketball. My idea was to combine the history of UTEP basketball with the culture of El Paso, Texas. My solutuin was to create various icons and typography elements that represented UTEP Basketball & El Paso. So, there are elements like a bear chompin’ on a basketball for Hall of Fame Coach Don “The Bear” Haskins. For El Paso I created elements of its surroundings from sunshine, mountains, area code, & main star. All these elements are unified by UTEP colors and elements such as Glory Road & UTEP architecture, inspired by Bhutan. I named it “City Edition” with the idea of future editions such as for Military, Football, or full University edition.
Miner Strong : City Edition Blue
Texas Western NCAA Champions
“The Bear”
Don Haskins
Texas Western
1966 NCAA
University of Texas
At El Paso
Miner Strong : City Edition Orange
Miner Strong : City Edition White

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