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NBA Logo Redesigns & App Icon Design

Christopher Muñoz
El Paso Living Visual Designer

3 October 2016

Basketball was life growing up and now as a Designer I always wanted to redesign various team logos.

I am a huge basketball fan, been playing since a young age. As a designer I always invisioned myself creating a sports team & building that brand. (View El Paso Lone Stars) Recently I started a series of redesigning NBA logos as app icons through my Instagram account. (You can follow me @cCrizzy88)

I’ve had so much fun with it and I’m easily inspired by the NBA team’s different logos and colors. And this type of side project combines my interests of logo design along with user interface design. Also, it has helped me build my web presence by creating digital media that actually creates a reaction. I tend to think, “Hey, I can do that…” even though maybe I can’t at that moment but that’s how I learn & continually grow as a designer. I kept my design process simple by recreating or adjusting certain logos that I felt were already working. In between my full-time job, these designs are quick & help keep my creative juices flowing. I’ll update periodically as I go through as many teams as I can.

I, Christopher Muñoz, do not own any of the trademarks used for this case study. All rights to the National Basketball Association and their respective owners. All images are for presentational purposes only. I am just a long-time fan with a design ambition. For more information please visit

San Antonio Spurs App Icon
Phoenix Suns App Icon
Sacramento Kings App Icon
Memphis Grizzlies App Icon
Golden State Warriors App Icon
Oklahoma City Thunder App Icon
New Orleans Pelicans App Icon
Houston Rockets App Icon
Brooklyn Nets App Icon
Toronto Raptors App Icon
Utah Jazz App Icon
Milwaukee Bucks App Icon
Orlando Magic App Icon
Miami Heat App Icon
Minnesota Timberwolves App Icon
Chicago Bulls App Icon
Philadelphia 76ers App Icon
New York Knicks App Icon
Indiana Pacers App Icon
Atlanta Hawks App Icon
Portland Trailblazers App Icon
Charlotte Hornets App Icon
Cleveland Cavaliers App Icon
Washington Wizards App Icon
Boston Celtics App Icon
Los Angeles Lakers App Icon
Detroit Pistons App Icon
Denver Nuggets App Icon
Dallas Mavericks App Icon
Los Angeles Clippers App Icon

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