Nike ‘Statement’ Edition Football Uniforms

My fresh interpretation of uniforms for football.
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Inspired by Nike ‘Statement’ Edition uniforms, I started a football uniform campaign on my Instagram page.

What sports fan doesn’t love or imagine a crossover of their favorite teams into another sport? As a Designer I wanted to redesign various basketball brands into football uniforms. Specifically, I love the new Nike style of uniforms which I tried to mimick for each team. So, I started a concept campaign on my Instagram page: @crmfresh88. This is a great side project to keep me practicing and pushing my creativity as well as being able to update my social media & bring traffic to my website. Thanks to Webpixum & Brad Williams for their awesome work & templates to showcase my design concepts.

I, Christopher Muñoz, do not own any of the trademarks used for this case study. All rights to the National Basketball Association and their respective owners. All images are for presentational purposes only. I am just a long-time fan with a design ambition. For more information please visit

Nike Statement Football Uniforms Social Media
San Antonio Spurs Football Uniform
OKC Thunder Football Uniform
Atlanta Hawks Football Uniform
Charlotte Hornets Football Uniform
Boston Celtics Football Uniform
Memphis Grizzlies Football Uniform
New York Knicks Football Uniform
Indiana Pacers Football Uniform
Minnesota Timberwolves Football Uniform
Phoenix Suns Football Uniform
Washington Wizards Football Uniform
Golden State Warriors Football Uniform
Cleveland Cavaliers Football Uniform
Detroit Pistons Football Uniform
Portland Trailblazers Football Uniform
Utah Jazz Football Uniform
Toronto Raptors Football Uniform
Denver Nuggets Football Uniform
Houston Rockets Football Uniform
Sacramento Kings Football Uniform
Dallas Mavericks Nike Statement Uniform

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