How Much Is WiseAgent CRM: Everything You Need to Know


Are you looking to streamline your real estate business and maximize your profits? Look no further than WiseAgent CRM. This powerful tool can help you manage your leads, automate tasks, and track your sales pipeline with ease.

But how much does WiseAgent CRM cost? In this article, we’ll break down everything you need to know about pricing and features, so you can make an informed decision for your business.

Whether you’re a small team or a large brokerage, WiseAgent CRM has a solution for you. Read on to learn more.

What Is WiseAgent CRM?

WiseAgent CRM is a real estate-focused customer relationship management (CRM) system that helps agents and brokerages manage their leads, automate tasks, and track their sales pipeline. It offers a variety of features, including:

  • Lead capture and management
  • Automated follow-up campaigns
  • Email and text message marketing
  • Scheduling and task management
  • Transaction management
  • Reporting and analytics

WiseAgent CRM is designed to help real estate professionals save time and increase revenue by providing a centralized platform for managing their business.

How Much Is WiseAgent CRM?

The cost of WiseAgent CRM varies depending on the plan you choose. The company offers three pricing tiers:

Plan Name
Up to 5 users, basic features
Up to 10 users, advanced features
Contact for pricing
Unlimited users, custom solutions

The Starter plan is ideal for individual agents or small teams, while the Professional plan is better suited for larger brokerages or teams that require more advanced features.

For those who require custom solutions, the Team plan offers tailored features and pricing to meet your unique needs. Contact WiseAgent CRM for more information.

What Features Are Included?

Each pricing tier includes a different set of features, with the Professional and Team plans offering more advanced capabilities.

The Starter plan includes:

  • Up to 5 users
  • Lead capture and management
  • Email and text message marketing
  • Task management and reminders
  • Reporting and analytics

The Professional plan builds on these features with:

  • Up to 10 users
  • Advanced lead management and tagging
  • Automated follow-up campaigns
  • Integrations with popular real estate tools
  • Custom lead forms and landing pages

The Team plan offers even more advanced features, including:

  • Unlimited users
  • Customized solutions for your specific business needs
  • Priority support and training
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • One-on-one coaching and consulting

Is There a Free Trial?

Yes, WiseAgent CRM offers a 14-day free trial for new users. This allows you to test out the platform and see if it’s a good fit for your business before committing to a subscription.

What Are the System Requirements?

WiseAgent CRM is a cloud-based platform, which means it can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. The company recommends using Google Chrome or Firefox as your browser for the best experience.

What Are the Benefits of Using WiseAgent CRM?

WiseAgent CRM offers a variety of benefits for real estate professionals, including:

  • Streamlined lead capture and management
  • Automated follow-up campaigns and marketing
  • Reduced administrative tasks and increased productivity
  • Increased revenue and profitability

What Are the Drawbacks?

While WiseAgent CRM is a powerful tool, it may not be the best fit for every real estate business. Some potential drawbacks include:

  • Cost may be prohibitive for some small businesses
  • Some users may find the interface overwhelming or difficult to navigate
  • Limited integrations with other real estate tools

How Do I Get Started?

If you’re ready to try WiseAgent CRM for yourself, simply visit the company’s website and sign up for a 14-day free trial. From there, you can explore the platform and see if it’s a good fit for your business.


WiseAgent CRM is an ideal tool for real estate professionals looking to streamline their business and increase revenue. With a variety of pricing tiers and features, there’s a solution for businesses of all sizes.

If you’re interested in learning more about WiseAgent CRM and how it can benefit your business, we encourage you to sign up for a free trial today. See for yourself why so many real estate professionals rely on WiseAgent CRM to manage their leads and automate their business.

Closing Disclaimer

The information provided in this article is accurate at the time of publication and is subject to change. Please visit the WiseAgent CRM website for the most up-to-date pricing and feature information.

The author of this article is not affiliated with WiseAgent CRM and does not receive any compensation for promoting their products. This article is intended for informational purposes only.

Before making any decisions about which CRM system to use, please consult with a qualified professional to discuss your specific business needs.


What payment methods are accepted for WiseAgent CRM subscriptions?

WiseAgent CRM accepts payment via credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express) and PayPal.

Is there a discount for annual subscriptions?

Yes, WiseAgent CRM offers a 10% discount on annual subscriptions when paid up front.

How many contacts can I store in WiseAgent CRM?

The number of contacts you can store varies depending on your pricing tier. The Starter plan allows up to 5000 contacts, while the Professional and Team plans offer unlimited contacts.

Does WiseAgent CRM offer training and support?

Yes, WiseAgent CRM offers a variety of training and support options, including one-on-one coaching, webinars, and an extensive knowledge base.

Can I import my existing contacts into WiseAgent CRM?

Yes, WiseAgent CRM offers a variety of import options, including CSV files and integrations with popular real estate tools.

Is there a mobile app for WiseAgent CRM?

Yes, WiseAgent CRM offers mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

What integrations are available with WiseAgent CRM?

WiseAgent CRM offers integrations with popular real estate tools, including Zillow,, and BombBomb.

Is WiseAgent CRM customizable?

Yes, WiseAgent CRM offers a variety of customizable options, including lead forms, landing pages, and automated campaigns.

What security measures does WiseAgent CRM have in place?

WiseAgent CRM uses industry-standard security measures, including SSL encryption and two-factor authentication, to protect user data.

Can I cancel my WiseAgent CRM subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. However, there are no refunds for partial months or unused subscriptions.

Is there a limit on the number of emails I can send through WiseAgent CRM?

No, there is no limit on the number of emails you can send through WiseAgent CRM. However, the company does monitor for spam and may restrict accounts that violate their terms of use.

What is the difference between WiseAgent CRM and other real estate CRMs?

WiseAgent CRM offers a variety of features specifically designed for real estate professionals, including lead capture and management, transaction management, and integrations with popular real estate tools.

What is the uptime guarantee for WiseAgent CRM?

WiseAgent CRM offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, ensuring that the platform is available when you need it.

Is there a trial period for the Team plan?

Yes, WiseAgent CRM offers a 14-day trial for the Team plan. Contact the company for more information.

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